Raising Funds from Investors

One of the biggest challenges a start-up company faces is funding its early operational and R&D needs. Likewise, small businesses in the growth phase often need additional capital as they mature. Many times this involves multiple rounds of financing, from investment by friends and family to seed financing, crowdfunding, angel investment, and venture capital financing.

Endeavor Law’s founder, David Brabender, has many years of experience representing start-ups and small businesses in their capital raising efforts.  We can guide you through the process, as well as the negotiation and documentation of the investment agreements and the federal and state securities law compliance issues associated with raising capital from investors.

Companies seeking outside investors are subject to both federal and state securities laws. While we assist clients in complying with those laws, we also use our experience to help clients structure, negotiate, and document their fundraising efforts in a manner that is responsive to market requirements.

We also assist prospective investors from time to time by reviewing the offering documents presented to them and advising them regarding the risks and potential benefits of investing in a particular company.

Investment Transactions with respect to which we regularly advise clients include:

  • Simple Agreements for Equity (SAFE) Rounds
  • Convertible Note Rounds
  • Seed Rounds

Typical Documentation and Filings include:

  • Term Sheets
  • Investment Agreements
  • Disclosure Documents
  • Form D Filings with the SEC
  • State Blue Sky Filings