How We Charge

We understand that the budget is tight when you are starting up a business, so we have structured our fees and billing procedures with that concern in mind. Our goal is to be transparent in our billing practices and to avoid surprises for our clients along the way.

Standard Hourly Rate and Discounted Rate for Start Ups

We generally charge $300 per hour for our legal services. We have set our rate at the lower range for lawyers with our expertise and background in order to address our clients’ budget concerns. That said, we use a “value billing” system in conjunction with our hourly rate, which means that we review our hours each day and frequently adjust our billings down (never up) to reflect the actual value we added for each client that day.

We are offering our services to start-ups and small businesses at a discounted rate of $240 per hour. For this purpose, the discount applies to any business in existence for two years or less but does not apply to the sale or purchase of an existing business.

Fixed Fees

We can offer fixed-fee arrangements for much of our work. In order to do work for a fixed fee, it is critical for us to understand our client’s objectives and the factual background of a particular matter. Once we have that information, we work with our client to establish the scope of work for which we will charge a fixed fee.


Fees for Negotiated Transactions

In matters that involve negotiations with third parties, we charge for our services at our standard hourly rate (subject to the value billing limitations described above) because it is difficult to predict the length or complexity of the negotiations. That said, on request we will provide information to a client on the range of charges we have seen in similar types and sizes of transactions. In some cases, we may be able to provide estimates for each phase of a transaction.


Forms of Payment

We accept checks, cash, Mastercard, Visa or Discover Card as payment for retainer deposits and invoices.