Small Business Representation

Endeavor Law has always and will continue to represent small businesses located in Eugene/Springfield and the surrounding areas.

We represent a number of “main street businesses” including restaurants, bars, bakeries, food trucks, clothing retailers, organic food processors and retailers, wedding photographers, hairstylist, landscape maintenance services, business consultants, IT service providers, professional service providers and Oregon sanctioned recreational cannabis growers and retailers.

The types of services we provide to local small businesses include:

  • Advice regarding entity choice—limited liability company, corporations, benefit companies and S-corporations;
  • Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements, Corporation Shareholder Agreements (buy-sell agreements);
  • Review and counsel regarding leases for office, manufacture, or retail space;
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements;
  • Business contracts, Professional Services Agreements, Statements of Work, and vendor agreements;
  • Owner dispute resolution and partner buy-outs and buy-ins;
  • Customer dispute resolution and settlement agreements; and
  • Sale of the business advice, negotiation, and documentation.